Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'd say I'm quite an open person as it's not difficult for me to talk to people. But, of course, there are certain levels of "filtering" required. I gotta know who to trust. Thus, the more intimate stories are usually saved for those closest to me.

I spilled one of my "deep, dark" secrets to a good friend today. Hehehe. It's not a subject usually talked about so to touch on it was a little weird. When I started talking, however, it just flowed.

I found that pretty cool. It is a good feeling to be able to share my unedited thoughts. I have people who I'm comfortable talking to about anything and everything. I am being heard and no judgements are being passed. I can talk with no filters, no holds barred.

I have friends who really hear me. I'm blessed.

(Keith, I know this reminder is not needed; but yet again I'm reminding you - Zip it :-p Hehehe)

Monday, January 23, 2006


In this fast paced world we live in, being patient is definitely a virtue. Every one wants instant gratification - instant relief from pain, instant rise to the top, less effort, more rewards. However, what some people fail to realize is that some things cannot be rushed and that sometimes, baby steps are better than one giant leap.

I'm one of the guilty ones...I've been rushing me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Just came home from my first yoga class for the year. After a month-long absence, it feels like work all over again. The poses which I used to be able to do easily have now become stressful. Tonight, the trouble was my shoulders. I can't seem to open them up. Too much tension, Saumik (the teacher) says. Good Luck to me... as I'm sure that it's going to ache all over tomorrow :)


This is the trouble with restarts. You've made progress, then suddenly you find yourself back to square one. Sometimes, doing it the nth time around is a lot more difficult than the first time. And yes, I'm not just talking about yoga :) Think: going back to old relationships that just don't work, keeping people that just don't fit, and falling into the same cycle that sets you back.

No more restarts this year - with yoga and everything else.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


I received a lot of text messages from family and friends with greetings of a Happy New Year. All of them were sweet, but I love the one from Lethel the most. It went like this:

"In the end, only 3 things matter most: how fully you lived, how deeply you loved and how gracefully you learned to let go of things not meant for you".

This makes a lot of sense. I'm officially adopting it as my 2006 mantra :)


New Year's in Singapore is a little weird. I guess I'm used to the Manila street parties where the local bands rocked the house like crazy and the skies were lit by an intricate fireworks display. Here, it was a pretty quiet welcome to the new year. On TV, they had a live feed/countdown and a 15 minute fireworks show which I can only describe as mediocre (well, compared to the Manila parties, that is).

I just chilled with Keith. We caught a few scenes from "Hollow Man" showing on Channel 5 . It was a totally odd pick for a New Year's show. (Invisible man killing people, Aww come on!). We then watched the "40 year old virgin" which was mad funny and reminded me so much of Bob McKiernan (Marian you're right!). A few episodes of The Ali G show followed which made us laugh even more.

Though missing the Manila New Year's, I should say it was a good way to start 2006 -- good company and a lot of laughs.


January 1st 2006.

I fixed up the house today, literally and figuratively. Laundry's done. Clothes are all pressed. Room is clean. Everything is in order. I've also decided to shake off all the "dust" - grudges, sadness, pain, fear, regrets... It's a clean slate baby :)

With a sip from my tequila-ed iced tea, I end this post. Happy New Year's everyone! Cheers!