Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Just came home from my first yoga class for the year. After a month-long absence, it feels like work all over again. The poses which I used to be able to do easily have now become stressful. Tonight, the trouble was my shoulders. I can't seem to open them up. Too much tension, Saumik (the teacher) says. Good Luck to me... as I'm sure that it's going to ache all over tomorrow :)


This is the trouble with restarts. You've made progress, then suddenly you find yourself back to square one. Sometimes, doing it the nth time around is a lot more difficult than the first time. And yes, I'm not just talking about yoga :) Think: going back to old relationships that just don't work, keeping people that just don't fit, and falling into the same cycle that sets you back.

No more restarts this year - with yoga and everything else.


Blogger sky said...

does this mean i have to change your name in my phonebook to *vida bloom* na?

6:35 AM  
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