Monday, February 27, 2006

Analogy of the shoe

I love ballet flats. It's comfortable, it's cute and it's me. In a shoe store where we women go crazy with endless choices, I'd always prefer and be drawn to the flats - regardless of color or brand.

A fated afternoon, however, I found myself in an new store...falling in love with a pair of black...stilettos. Once I put my hands on them, I couldn't let go. It was expensive but I bought it regardless. I used it every single day - day in, day out - only to realize that it wasn't made for long-distance, long-term walking. It started to hurt wearing it; but as I love it so, I kept it
still. A blister formed on my feet and it hurt real bad that I could not walk for a while. Time has come to give it up.

Now, "shoe-less", I came across several pairs but nothing seemed to compare to my black stilettos. Nothing caught my interest, nothing caught my fancy...not until one fine day when I saw the cutest ballet flats... "Size nine in bronze please"... True enough, it fit me perfect. It reminded me of all I've ever wanted but was almost willing to give up.

I walk around the store in it, admiring it from every angle. However, after a few moments of trial and a lot of thought, I put it back on the shelf. No, there's nothing wrong with the shoe...nothing at all. Why give it up then? Simply put, there is something wrong with my feet. That blister, which I temporarily forgot about, is still in the process of healing. I realized that it
is just not the right time to get me a new pair of shoes.

But, I promised myself this : when the wound heals (and I know that it soon will), I plan to go find my bronze ballet flats. Possibly, it will be gone by the time I come back for it. If this will be the case, though, then it only means that, like some other things in life, it's just not meant to be.

For the meantime, I'll walk around barefoot....and I will enjoy every second of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like this entry vids.very true=)


11:24 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

hi vida. i chanced upon your blog in friendster. i read your entries, hope you don't mind =) i like your pieces, especially this one. keep on writing, you're made for it. mwah.

10:57 AM  

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