Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sometimes, art is an escape. Movies take us through unusual situations. Music is a deviation from our lives (take for instance - "It's difficult out there for a pimp". haha)

For me, though, it's the opposite. All I've written - prose or poetry - is an accurate description of all that I am feeling at that particular moment in time. For those of you who have been constant visitors of this site, you may have noticed that I have been writing about heartbreak, pain, loss, healing, etc, etc.

But today is a different day :) I haven't written anything mushy in a while... and here goes. Guess I'm inspired. My thanks to Celine Dion. Hehe. "If you asked me to" was playing and this started to flow.


The world spins and time flies
I look around and there you are -
Constant and caring,
Until now.

It's been too long;
You've been too far.
And I've been too lost.
Our lives separate, but intertwined.

Things change and we evolve,
Finding ourselves in a crossroad
Left or right, it doesn't matter.
You're going. I'm going.
In one direction.

Green and pink stripes,
A grecian setting and a rose garden.
This lovely scene on a beautiful night -
I'm thinking about it too.
One day.


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