Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sometimes, we have to make difficult choices... And I guess one that I've never really made easily is the choice between letting go and holding on. The conflict of mind and heart is one that's not easily resolved. When your heart is saying 'Just Go' and your mind is pulling all the red flags and screaming 'Stop', what are you supposed to listen to?

As with making any other choice, my stand in this is that there is no right answer. It's all subjective. As long as one is ready for the consequences and there's no second guessing after, then whatever choice he/she picks is right. May not be right for another person, but right for him/her.

Historically, I've always went with my heart. So I just kept on going and going and going, without breaks... and I'd always end up crashing. You can say that I've learned lessons the hard way.

On one of my Maryland trips, my dad told me this before I boarded the plane: "The mind is placed above the heart for a reason." At that time, I never really understood the wisdom of it. But, now that the heart is tired and the tear wells are dry, I finally get it.

I had to make a choice today... and I decided with my mind.

At least this time, i managed to hang on the raft before even drowning.


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